I paint myriad connections between forms and feelings because I believe in the endless possibilities of the imagination to process experience. 


From elements I have seen in a landscape, I use my process of imagination to combine these elements with what I felt on encountering them, through the use of heightened colours and forms.

I paint in this way in order to explore and express my fascination with the contrast of aesthetic design, for example the inspiration of stained glass windows, and natural processes of ecology, such as growth and decay.

My fascination with this contrast is to convey the convergence of the spiritual to the temporal, by embodying this in my paintings of ferns and imaginative, ecstatic landscapes.

My latest figurative work takes these themes further by introducing a solitary, blue figure amongst landscapes of flux and change. The motif of the fern, as well as bright, piercing colours suggestive of stained glass, also continue in these paintings. 


Louise Wheeler is an artist based in, and from, the UK. She discovered her love for painting in her adolescence, as an outlet to explore ideas visually and to process her inner life from her lived experiences. She has an undergraduate degree in English, and a postgraduate degree in Art History. Her preferred painting medium is watercolour for its light, immediacy, and fluidity.

© Louise Wheeler